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Allen J. Griffin began Griffin Exterminating Co. offering professional exterminating services in April 1962. It was operated from his home with three employees; Allen, his wife Ruby, and a termite control man.

In 1964, the business moved to 128 N John St. and added a fourth employee.

A welcomed growth in business required the another move of offices to 308 N George St. By this time, the company had one secretary, four pest control technicians and three termite control technicians. 

When fire destroyed the office in 1978, the company moved to its present location on William Street.

Twelve people are now employed: two secretaries, four pest control technicians, three termite control technicians, and two salesmen.

Griffin Exterminating Co. Inc, is licensed by the state of North Carolina and services  counties from its capital to the coast--Wayne, Johnston, Greene, Duplin, Wilson, Sampson, and surrounding counties.

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